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Steve Israel is a singer/songwriter, guitarist, and worship leader, who has been sharing his gifts since the early 70's. Steve's vocal and acoustic guitar styles are rooted in the folk-rock genre of the mid 1960's to mid 1970's. Artists of that era who influenced him most were James Taylor, Jim Croce, Neil Young, and John Denver. Although the majority of contempory songs were written about love, hope, and faith, to name just a few virtues, a significant number of songs of the day expressed their polar opposites: Hate, hopelessness, and doubt. After all, we were living through one of the most difficult and challenging times in our nation's history. Within a five year period during the 60's, we witnessed the shocking and tragic assassinations of three our best and brightest leaders. The beacon of hope was nearly extinguished. Then we became irreparably divided as a country over a war in Southeast Asia, where we lost over 50,000 of our bravest. Disillusionment and dispair settled into the hearts of many, especially young people. "Peace now..." many demanded. But there was no peace. "Love one another..." many admonished. But "love" didn't last. When it became evident that our attempt to create a new reality had failed, many retreated into a drug lifestyle because it could numb the pain of failure. Many lost their way. Some continued their search for true peace, love, hope, and faith. And some found what they were desperately searching for. (Listen here to sampling of Lord I Need You from 1973 Moment Of Truth recording.)

One of Steve's idols was Neil Young!
In the late 60's, Steve was singing songs
that expressed the inner longing for peace
and purpose.
Steve enjoying that peacefull, easy feeling.
By 1972 Steve found both peace and purpose
after he invited the Lord Jesus Christ into his

Barbara (Picture courtesy of David K. Brillhart)
Shortly thereafter, Steve met the "love of his life," Barbara

Barbara and Me, 1975
Steve and Barbara wedding in 1975.

Steve and Barbara, 2008 width=
Steve and Barbara still doing great in 2008!

Song dedicated to my wife --> Long Before You Knew Me

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